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Getting Tired Of Those Denim Cutoffs? Try These Shorts Instead

August is nearly upon us and, at this point in the season, we’ve worn our way through many of our summertime staples. Our strappy leather sandals are starting to crack, our white dresses have inevitably been stained and/or we’re just plain tired of wearing most of what the hot weather has required us to wear. Don’t get us wrong—we’ll never lament the sunshine, but we are definitely desperate for ways to refresh our look for the remainder of the season’s steamy months, particularly in the pants department. Denim shorts are the default for pretty much everyone and probably always will be, but even they start to read a little stale after a while. Enter the alternative to your go-to cutoffs.

As of late, we’ve been eyeing an assortment of non-denim shorts that have reignited that summer style spark. The best part? They cast a wide net in terms of style, so the options are endless. Silhouettes can be tailored or slouchy. Color palettes run the gamut of bright, patterned and muted. Aesthetics can be minimal or ’70s-inspired. In other words, there are plenty of avenues to take here. Need proof? Scroll down to shop 15 spot-on non-denim picks to help reinvigorate your summer look.

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