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Why We Can’t Stop Wearing French Bikinis—And 15 Styles To Shop Now

We’re constantly on the hunt for that cool French girl style: that je ne sais quoi that all Parisian women are seemingly born with that ensures that they always look good, whether they’re wearing straight-leg jeans or a cocktail dress. Morning, noon, and night, the French have that sartorial second sense and, come summer, it hits the beach. Swimwear is no exception to that chic vibe and we want in.

As you update your swimwear collection, already rife with string bikinis, high-waisted retro styles and sporty one-piece maillots, there’s one swimwear style you should make sure to have in rotation: the French bikini. The most flattering style for large-and-small-chested alike, it’s an investment always worth making. Supportive, comfortable, yet classically elegant, this over-the-shoulder bralette style is perfect for every girl. Though a halterneck style might provide support, it’s totally unflattering and—frankly—uncomfortable for all those large chested girls who know the feeling of that string digging into the back of their neck. And, while an underwire offers a little more support, the bulk and structure is not always very welcome. Enter: the French bikini. Aka the best solution for every girl.

For every budget, shop our favorite French bikinis here:

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