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6 Essentials To Buy Before Fall Begins

The first day of fall may not arrive until September 22 but, like many of you we presume, the autumn season and all its warmly hued, sweater-endorsing glory are at top of mind. Fall, in particular, has always felt like more of a to-do than the other seasons, due in large part to its back-to-school connotations and overall mood of starting fresh. Alas, we must hang up our summer wears for the time being (farewell straw basket bags and swimsuits!) and trade them in for a new batch of essentials.

Speaking of the latter, now that it’s a reasonable time to begin planning out your outfits for autumn we realized it’d be a smart idea to tap one of our favorite stylists Rachael Wang for her take on what qualifies as an investment-worthy piece for the season. Turns out, there are six that she’s eyeing right now—and they may not be what you expected. To see what we mean, scroll down to find out which six fall essentials she is endorsing and shop your favorites for the cozy months ahead.

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