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The Best Logo Bags To Splurge On For Fall

Designer bags are a serious investment no matter the type of budget you’re working with. And often, because they come at such steep price points, those who choose to indulge typically do so with a classic style from their favorite designers such as a neutral color, a timeless shape or one with minimal embellishment. On the other hand, there are those with an affinity for the flamboyant, lusting after over-the-top iterations from bright colors to trimmings galore. This type of shopper is all about making a statement and surely a lover of accessories with sartorial impact, making them prime candidates for fall’s logomania bag trend.

Logos are hardly a novel theme to drift into the spotlight, though, they’ve gained traction at warp speed—we likely have our favorite influencers and street-style stars to thank for this as they’re routinely snapped with the latest and greatest bags each season. Designers are privy to the logo thirst and continuing to deliver with fresh offerings each season. This fall, logos are evolving from the classic nameplates and insignia we know and love to sportier renditions (purists, don’t worry, a range of traditional styles remain on deck). Popping up across myriad designer runways from Fendi (who took inspiration from the classic FILA logo) to Prada (the entire collection was touched with futuristic, sporty elements) and Balenciaga (who debuted an oversize duffle silhouette), this new wave of logomania can best be described as in-your-face chic. This isn’t to say all fall logos are solely about athleticism either—Givenchy, Céline, Miu Miu and more put out elegant options where their brand name is clearly visible, but in a restrained way that befits those with a penchant for subtlety (but at the same time covet an in-demand designer label).

This summer also marked the return of Dior’s iconic saddle bag (you likely recall it on the arm of a one miss Carrie Bradshaw in early seasons of SATC). Logo-emblazoned versions with gold-tone metal “CD” lettering took our Instagram feed’s by storm, instantly becoming a lust-worthy piece to strive for fall.

What we love most about the logo trend is that it’s all about fun whether you’re looking to punch up a simple outfit or rock a brand’s insignia head to toe. For a major of-the-moment look, Caroline Maguire, fashion director at Shopbop says to go big with a splashier logo. “Traditional logos will live forever. You waited so long for such an amazing purchase that you will want everyone to notice it. Wait for your next few paychecks for the traditional version, as it will be there still.” A very excellent point. While showier logos are, indeed, enjoyable, you want to ensure your look remains elevated when toting one around. “Keep your apparel to solids,” Maguire advises. “You don’t want to crash with logo over-kill.”

Marina Larroude, fashion director at Barneys New York is equally keen on the logomania trend, explaining how it can work for every aesthetic. “Logomania is everywhere and you can touch on a trend as you wish. I love the Fendi x Fila tote bag if you want to invest big in logo—I like how subtle the logo is in the background, juxtaposed with the new Fendi x Fila logo. For someone who wants a less splashy version, I recommend buying a logo strap that can be added to any bag, or to choose a more classic bag with a subtle logo like the Givenchy G3 bag.” Another hot tip: spring for a logo strap if you’re on a budget but want in on the trend. You can swap it for a regular strap on a classic bag and avoid the stress of investing too much in something new.

Ready to rock a logo for fall? Here, scroll through our edit of 20 handbags and straps to shop now. Go on, get branded.

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