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The Fall Bag Trend You Should Try, According To Your Zodiac Sign

 When it comes time to splurging on a new fall bag trend, there are many factors that will likely be considered before making such a purchase. Between deciding the right trend, brand, and style to opt for, not to mention your budget, it can end up being quite a difficult decision to make, especially considering where you land on the personality spectrum. For some, love at first sight will take over—you’ll know exactly the bag you want, the moment you see it and you just go for it. If you’re an Aries, this is likely a familiar experience. If you’re a Libra, however, you might have to think about it for months before you commit. At the end of the day, our innate instincts will dictate our purchasing behavior and what we believe to be a worthwhile investment.

To help make the decision a little easier for everyone, however, we thought it would be interesting — and fun — to look to the stars for a bit of guidance on how to spend some major money. We tapped astrologer and empowerment coach Natalia Benson for her expert insight into each sign’s spending style, in order to determine which fall bag trends would be most justifiable for every sign. Here’s what she had to say, as well as a few ideas to inspire your next bag purchase. 


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